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Press information – Construction of the system ISOK will start its last phase in several months

Construction of IT System of the Country's Protection against Extreme Hazards started the stage of creating detailed maps of areas threatened with flood - „at present we are working intensely on creating complicated hydraulic models of rivers to „pour in” flood water to them and calculate which area will be flooded, also in the event of breaking embankments.

The works are very difficult to be able to perform them we need to obtain geodetic data. Close co-operation with the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography  enables us to complete the works according to the schedule. End of basic works over flood hazard maps is planned by the end of 2013, whereas the fully functional IT system will be available to all  interested parties according to the schedule that is in December 2014” – informed Janusz Wiśniewski, acting President of the National Water Management Authorityduring the meeting with journalists. KZGW is the leader of the consortium building the system which in several years will change an approach to protection against flood orienting it at limitation of losses.

„It is one of state of the art systems of this type in Europe. After its start-up everyone will obtain free of charge and easy access to information about a possibility of occurrence of flood  in a given area. The information will assist e.g.: in selecting a place for settling. Thanks to the system, local authorities will know exactly where in their areas they may expect critical situations, they will be able to limit a possibility of building there or introduce appropriate building requirements reducing losses in the event of flood. Authorities and rescue services will obtain valuable knowledge where in the event of flood the assistance will be most needed”- said Janusz Wiśniewski.

At present under the construction of the system, special detailed flood hazard maps for rivers with high flood risk are being prepared. Their development requires collection of huge amount of data, in particular geodetic data, but also data in respect of hydrology, mathematical models, performance of appropriate simulations, defining infrastructure values and calculation of losses in the event of flood.

„The best experts in their domains participate in the works. Hydrological data has been collected and developed by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. Construction of mathematical models and performance of flood hazard maps and flood risk maps are carried out by flood modelling centres in  IMGW-PIB. Also meteorological hazard maps and other hazards maps is the work of the Institute. The Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography is responsible for obtaining and delivery of geodetic data – numeric land  model, topographic databases and orthophotomaps. The Institute of Communication carried out an inventory of all IT systems with which ISOK system may or should co-operate. The Governmental Safety Centre plays a role of an advisor and consultant in respect of safety issues. The project is managed by the National Water Management Authorityand it co-ordinates works and is responsible for performance methodology and merit consultations” – explained the tasks of each individual member of the consortium the President Janusz Wiśniewski.

„The basic part of the project will be finished in December 2013. Construction and implementation of the IT system which will enable consumption of the products developed under ISOK project will last a year longer. The system will be responsible for making the products available to the society and to decision-makers and operational services of protection against flood” – added Janusz Wiśniewski.

ISOK products will be used for performance of the subsequent strategic stage of protection against flood – development of detailed plans of flood risk management for the sub-basin areas (the Odra River and the Vistula River) and lower levels – for individual sub-basin areas. The plans, according to the EU Directive and the Act Water Law must be developed by the end of 2015 and they will also be entered to ISOK system.

„I'm convinced that ISOK will significantly improve safety of the whole society ensuring quick and convenient access to huge knowledge on flood hazards. It will be a real quality jump in comparison to the existing systems of protection against flood ”-  said and summed up the President of KZGW Janusz Wiśniewski.

The project „IT System of the Country's Protection against Extreme Hazards (ISOK)” is financed by the European Fund of Regional Development under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy in the amount of 204 million Polish zloty. The State budget finances the project in the amount of 36 million Polish zloty, and the National Fund of Environment Protection and Water Management allocated 60 million Polish zloty. In total the project value amounts to 300 million Polish zloty.


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