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Press information – About ISOK project

ISOK (IT System of the Country's Protection against Extreme Hazards) will be the first in Poland and one of the first in Europe IT systems containing full data on areas threatened with flood.

The system will contain databases on infrastructure so specifically developed maps showing areas without embankments subject to flooding by floods and areas with embankments which may be flooded in the event of breaking a embankment. The system will also contain evaluation of losses which may occur in a given area, in the event of flooding. Moreover the society will obtain information on hazards of meteorological phenomena e.g. high and low temperature, fog, strong winds etc.

ISOK project will be a uniform IT system  ready for common use in order to protect the society, economy, cultural heritage and environment against extreme hazards, and it will also support decision making in the event of occurrence of hazardous events.

It shall improve safety of citizens thanks to development and implementation of an efficient system of crisis management.

IT system ISOK will also be an efficient tool for local authorities responsible for preparation of land development plans. It will grant access to the latest data on phenomena which may affect a given area.

The project covers the area of the whole country (over 14,5 thousand km of rivers ) and is at the same time implementation of the directive 2007/60/WE of the European Parliament and Council of 23 October 2007 on the assessment and management of flood risks.

The project uses state of the art technologies of the 21st century in obtaining geodetic data and in determination of hazard with use of mathematical models.

The system to be able to function has to consist of the advanced IT infrastructure adjusted to the project needs and a special user application. Data contained in ISOK databases will be available free of charge for each subject via a special Internet service.

The basic information such as flood hazard maps and flood risk maps and meteorological hazard maps and other hazard maps will be developed by the end of 2013. Whereas construction of the IT system will be finished in December 2014. After 2015 the system will additionally contain detailed plans of flood risk management.

The added value of the project is obtaining very accurate geodetic data about land useful not only in the project but also for other branches of economy.

Construction of ISOK is completed by the consortium composed of key national institutions:

  • the National Water Management Authority(the consortium leader),
  • the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – the National Research Institute;
  • the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography,
  • the Institute of Communication – the National Research Institute;
  • the Governmental Safety Centre

Majority of tasks is performed by the employees of IMGW PIB – experts in hydrology, modelling, meteorology. The remaining consortium members allocated their experts for the project needs, specialists in geodetics, cartography, information technology and water management.

The project „IT System of the Country's Protection against Extreme Hazards (ISOK)” is financed by the European Fund of regional development under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy in the amount of 204 million Polish zloty. The State budget finances the project in the amount of 36 million Polish zloty, and the National Fund of Environment Protection and Water Management allocated 60 million Polish zloty. In total the project value amounts to 300 million Polish zloty.


The project schedule:

2010 – Start of the works over the preliminary flood risk assessment (WORP) by the teams of flood modelling centres IMGW PIB – a detailed analysis defining the most threatened rivers in the country based on historical data

22 December 2011 – end of the works over WORP - obtained results enable performance of the subsequent stage of the works – creation of flood hazard maps and flood risk maps

31 December 2013 – end of the works over flood hazard maps and flood risk maps, meteorological hazard maps and other hazard maps

31 December 2014 – end of the works over IT system ISOK, start-up of the system