Press releases
Construction of IT system for ISOK project has started
The President of the National Water Management Authority as a leader of the consortium on 29 August 2013 signed the agreement on design, construction and implementation of the IT system of country protection against extreme hazards (ISOK) and on rendering guarantee services after the implementation of this system with the authorities of the company Qumak S.A. listed in the stock exchange (WSE). read more
Press information – About ISOK project
ISOK (IT System of the Country's Protection against Extreme Hazards) will be the first in Poland and one of the first in Europe IT systems containing full data on areas threatened with flood. read more
Press information – Construction of the system ISOK will start its last phase in several months
Construction of IT System of the Country's Protection against Extreme Hazards started the stage of creating detailed maps of areas threatened with flood - „at present we are working intensely on creating complicated hydraulic models of rivers to „pour in” flood water to them and calculate which area will be flooded, also in the event of breaking embankments. read more
Press information – information about the consortium
Construction of „IT System of the Country's Protection against Extreme Hazards (ISOK)” is carried out by the consortium composed of key national institutions: read more