The presentation of the IT System for Protection of the Country (ISOK) in Poland and abroad

October is the month of activity in many economic fields, so the National Water Management Authority took part in a series of conferences and seminars during which the IT System for Protection of the Country is promoted.

On the first weekend of October, ISOK was presented during the Conference summarising the implementation of Priority Axes 7 and 8 of the Innovative Economy Programme on the Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw (5-6 October). The subject area of the conference covered experiences and challenges relating to the computerisation of administration, the construction of broadband networks or the use of ICT technologies in the prevention of digital exclusion. The conference was accompanied by an exhibition of electronic administration projects carried out under Priority Axis 7 of the Innovative Economy Programme, including the IT System for Protection of the Country – the project that is implemented by the National Water Management Authority.


Another place of presentation of the ISOK System was the 2nd conference "The Environment of Information" (7-8 October) in the Kopernik Science Centre. The conference organised by the Ministry of Environment covered the subject of active access and the use of information about the environment and its protection with the use of the state-of-the-art information technologies. ISOK undoubtedly makes use of the latest technologies of the 21st century in the acquisition of geodetic data and in the identification of hazards with the use of mathematical models. In order to function, such a system must consist of an advanced IT infrastructure adapted to the needs of the project and a special user application. The data contained in ISOK databases are available for free to everyone via special website.

Those who visited the ISOK stand during the conference could learn about the capabilities of the System, which is aimed primarily at serving administrative units and institutions responsible for crisis management on all levels.

An important feature of this system will be the accessibility of network services in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and services conforming to the INSPIRE directive. The ISOK system will be a part of the National Spatial Information Infrastructure and will be linked to other systems of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, Regional and National Water Management Authority and the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation.

In the middle of October, ISOK will be presented also abroad during Expo in Milan (13-15 October). During the presentation of the project, the effectiveness of the ISOK system for Polish local authorities responsible for the preparation of spatial development plans will be presented. The presentation of the project will include also access to the most current data about phenomena that can affect the given territory. The project covers the entire country (over 14,500 km of rivers) and is also the implementation of the Directive 2007/60/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 October 2007 on the assessment and management of flood risks.