„POLES WISE BEFORE FLOOD” – conference on the products of ISOK project

– Construction of IT System of the Country’s Protection against extreme hazards is to serve improvement of the society’s safety and limitation of losses caused by occurrence of natural, technological and synergic hazards. Special attention during construction of the system was paid to supporting flood risk management, which will both serve improvement of safety of citizens and limitation of losses caused by occurrence of floods in Poland - said Iwona Koza, President of the National Water Management Authority during the opening of the conference „POLES WISE BEFORE FLOOD that is IT System of the Country’s Protection against extreme hazards”. Under the conference which was held on 3 December 2015 in ATM Studio in Warsaw, a debate „HOW MUCH DO WE KNOW ABOUT FLOODS? – knowledge for safety” was also held.

The event was attended by representatives of the governmental administration, local administration and also institutions operating in eth area of completion of ISOK project and using Flood Hazard Maps and Flood Risk Maps. Among the guests there were also representatives of leading Polish universities and scientific institutes, media and institutions financing the project.

The purpose of the conference was emphasising significance and role of information on hazards, in particular on flood hazards. The participants had an opportunity to learn more about the OSOK project, possibilities of its application, its products and a stage of development in which it is at present. Moreover it was described shortly how the project is to be developed in future and why it is so important for the society.

The most important point of the conference was a debate „HOW MUCH DO WE KNOW ABOUT FLOODS? – knowledge for safety”, in which as guest speakers participated: Klara Ramm Szatkiewicz - ISOK Project Manager from the National Water Management Authority, Professor Andrzej Tiukało – Manager of Research Centre - IMGW-PIB (Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute), Krzysztof Dąbrowski from Voivodship Centre for Crisis Management in Warsaw, Konrad Płochocki  - General Director of  Polish Association of Developer Companies and Tomasz Zubilewicz – weather present of TVN.

The most essential conclusion of the debate was a summing up given by the journalist leading the conference Marek Zając: „using the products of IT System of the Country’s Protection one may really become a Pole wise before flooding and avoid extreme hazards caused by meteorological phenomena. The conference should make waves so as to approach as many recipients as possible. Prevention may save our lives and material property, and ISOK is its most valuable tool”.

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