KZGW checked the knowledge of Poles

Do we know how hazardous all weather phenomena are to our life and health? The answer seems obvious. However, a majority of citizens are still unaware of the fact that water can be our biggest enemy. In a social survey, KZGW largely broadened our knowledge of the level of awareness of the flood hazard among inhabitants of our country.

What do we know about floods?

Only 36% of persons think that they know much about the flood hazard, and only every fourth respondent admits that he knows hardly anything about that topic. Broader knowledge of the flood hazard is declared by men and persons from the youngest age group. Half of the respondents say that the Internet is the main source of their knowledge of the flood hazard. Every third participant in the survey refers also to the television and the radio. 83% of respondents who declare a low level of knowledge about that topic think that the Internet is a potential source of looking for information about the flood hazard. 1/3 of respondents think that they would look for information on the television, on the radio and in the commune, city and district office. Every fifth respondent would look for information at 62% think that school provided them with insufficient knowledge about floods in Poland. Women and persons in the age bracket of 26-35 years express this opinion more frequently. An overwhelming majority of respondents want to expand their knowledge about the floor hazard. In the first place, participants in the survey would like to learn more about emergency instructions in the event of flooding (55% of indications).


Effective floor protection activities

Most persons refer to the aspect of expanding knowledge with regard to emergency instructions in the event of flooding and follow-up procedures. Every second participant in the survey thinks that each citizen may undertake activities mitigating the results of flood. Every fifth respondent thinks that only persons living in areas endangered by flood or having domestic premises there may conduct activities that prevent the occurrence of flood. According to respondents, the most effective flood protection activity is the adaptation of one's own premises to flood, including its protection (62% of answers). Almost half of the respondents (43%) declare their knowledge of institutions responsible for flood protection. These respondents indicate most often provincial crisis management centres and the National Water Management Authority.