IT system of the Country’s Protection Against Extreme Harazds (ISOK) comes closer

The National Water Management Authority performed last tests and accepted the works of the fourth, the last but one, stage of construction of the IT System ISOK. The contractor, the company Qumak, has finished works on the pilot version of the system.

– „I’m happy that the Contractor has managed to keep the deadlines which we assumed several weeks ago. However, we have to remember that a positive effect would not have been possible without commitment of the employees of the National Water Management Authority, employees of regional water management authorities and representatives of the project’s consortium members” – said Iwona Koza, acting as President of the National Water Management Authority. –„It’s thanks to all these people that we may calmly look forward to the completion of our project in 2016 and to making the project available to many public entities and all inhabitants of Poland as a tool supporting flood management” – added President Koza.

The idea of ISOK project, of which the last element is the IT system, occurred in 2010 and the consortium composed of Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, National Institute of Telecommunications, the Government Centre for Security and the National Water Management Authority which has been the leader of the Project since 2012, dealt with its completion. 

– „ISOK is an IT solution which will make a wide range of information available to not only offices and economic entities, but also to each Pole, regardless of whether he/she will use it at work or at home. WE will obtain a possibility to check basic data on flood and weather hazards. ISOK will facilitate planning in water management thanks to an easy access to sorted out database,. Will increase safety level thanks to direct access to information on hazards –  said about the project Klara Ramm Szatkiewicz, heading the ISOK project in the National Water Management Authority.

The ISOK system is a tool which will  constitute the widest collection of expertise and information about water management in Poland. Majority of products facilitating assurance of safety and risk management have already been prepared under the project. The following has been completed:

  • Report on identification of national information systems
  • Preliminary flood risk assessment
  • Topographic Objects Database (BDOT)
  • Digital orthophotomap
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Digital Elevation Model Management System
  • Flood hazard maps and flood risk maps
  • Meteorological hazard maps
  • Other hazard maps
  • Map of Hydrological Division of Poland in the scale 1:10 000

An element, combining and ensuring visualisation of the part of the products, is the IT system at present in course of development.