ISOK at the Industrial Technology, Science and Innovation Fair

Original and innovative ideas, unconventional solutions and product prototypes, including the innovative IT System for the Protection of the Country against Extraordinary Hazards (ISOK) – this is the distinguishing quality of the TECHNICON-INNOWACJE International Gdańsk Fair (22-23 October).

The fair was attended by business environment institutions, investors, technological parks and incubators, innovative companies, schools of higher education and inventors. TECHNICON-INNOWACJE is a combination of science and business. Results of their own work were presented by experienced research teams, innovative companies and young inventors presenting fresh ideas, innovative solutions and product prototypes. Visitors of the fair had also an opportunity to visit the stand of the National Water Management Authority, where ISOK was presented as an innovative solution supporting the planning and management of hazards relating to high tide and other extraordinary hazards.