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16 December
20 15
IT system of the Country’s Protection Against Extreme Harazds (ISOK) comes closer
The National Water Management Authority performed last tests and accepted the works of the fourth, the last but one, stage of construction of the IT System ISOK. The contractor, the company Qumak, has finished works on the pilot version of the system. read more
4 December
20 15
„POLES WISE BEFORE FLOOD” – conference on the products of ISOK project
– Construction of IT System of the Country’s Protection against extreme hazards is to serve improvement of the society’s safety and limitation of losses caused by occurrence of natural, technological and synergic hazards. Special attention during construction of the system was paid to supporting flood risk management, which will both serve improvement of safety of citizens and limitation of losses caused by occurrence of floods in Poland - said Iwona Koza, President of the National Water Management Authority during the opening of the conference „POLES WISE BEFORE FLOOD that is IT System of the Country’s Protection against extreme hazards”. Under the conference which was held on 3 December 2015 in ATM Studio in Warsaw, a debate „HOW MUCH DO WE KNOW ABOUT FLOODS? – knowledge for safety” was also held. read more
28 October
20 15
KZGW checked the knowledge of Poles
Do we know how hazardous all weather phenomena are to our life and health? The answer seems obvious. However, a majority of citizens are still unaware of the fact that water can be our biggest enemy. In a social survey, KZGW largely broadened our knowledge of the level of awareness of the flood hazard among inhabitants of our country. read more
26 October
20 15
ISOK at the ENVICON Environment Protection Congress
During this year's ENVICON Environment Protection Congress, which took place during the POL-ECO-SYSTEM fair, the IT System for the Protection of the Country was presented on the premises of the International Poznań Fair (26-27 October). read more
22 October
20 15
ISOK at the Industrial Technology, Science and Innovation Fair
Original and innovative ideas, unconventional solutions and product prototypes, including the innovative IT System for the Protection of the Country against Extraordinary Hazards (ISOK) – this is the distinguishing quality of the TECHNICON-INNOWACJE International Gdańsk Fair (22-23 October). read more
14 October
20 15
ISOK at the innovation fair
During the 3rd International Innovation and New Technology Fair INNO-TECH in Kielce (14-15 October), new market products and solutions are presented by 80 companies operating in the field of nanotechnology and 3D printing, technological parks, research and scientific centres. read more
13 October
20 15
The presentation of the IT System for Protection of the Country (ISOK) in Poland and abroad
October is the month of activity in many economic fields, so the National Water Management Authority took part in a series of conferences and seminars during which the IT System for Protection of the Country is promoted. read more
About the Project

Ensuring an efficient system of the country protection against extreme hazards is particularly important taking into consideration an increasing number of this kind of events and bigger and bigger scale of the effects, both economic and social ones, which they cause. A crucial issue is also improvement of flood risks management.

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The project: „IT system of the country's protection against extreme hazards” is co-financed from the means of the European Fund of Regional Development under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy

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